Fluidity Tech’s FT Aviator

Whatever else there is to say about the FT Aviator from Fluidity Tech, it is bold — even audacious — in the breadth of its vision. While other companies are content to tinker with the placement of a display screen or the layout of an app, Fluidity has dared to fundamentally re-imagine the interface between the pilot and the drone. By now, all professional operators know how to work a two-stick controller with their eyes closed. However, there is no particular reason that should be the default scheme for steering a drone around the sky. It was borrowed from the traditional aeromodeling community, the source of much of the earliest small uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS) technology — because that’s what was available. However, when …

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Author: World By Drone

Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems . Essentially, a drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.